Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happyness Rebound :D

Life is one big roller-coaster. There's one moment when you'll feel like burying yourself into you pillow and never wake up. And there's this another moment where there's a spring in your steps, a smile on your steps and an inexplainable glow on your face. Everything seems brighter and happier and not-so-bad afterall :)

There's colour in every eye,
A smile that could light up the sky.
You sit and stare..
At the walls so bare.
And a story forms there,
Right in front of your eyes.

Sitting side by side,
Emotions you are unable to hide,
Dreaming a dream so unreal..
You are for once scared to feel.
Everything's as perfect,
As it could be..
You pinch yourself and wonder,
Is this really happening to me!

Its not like something,
Too big has taken place.
But its those simple pleasures,
That gather up the pace..
This smile is like forever,
Stuck on your face..
You bask in the glory,
The beauty and the divine grace.