Friday, April 16, 2010

Random thought mess.

I want to cry,

To give up this try.

Happy I can’t be,

I can never be free.

No one by my side,

No one to confide in.

Me is all I have,

To always be guiding.

Forever and always,

Are just part of the wordplay.

But when I really need you,

All you do is part ways.

Why is my love never realised?

Why do only I understand me?

Why can’t you simply see?

Why can’t me and you be we?

I’m sick of being all alone.

Of being used and thrown.

Like a worthless piece of stone.

Why to only sadness I’m prone?

Promises are broken here soon


Stranded at the sea,

Rocking in the bay,

Thinking through the head,

Talking all the way.

Searching for escape,

Wanting to go astray,

But the horizon’s near,

And the scene’s clear.

Or is this an illusion,

An alternative vision,

Designed to capture me,

Into unreality?

Something that’s unlike me,

Something that you cant see,

Every truth here is a lie,

Every expression resembles a sigh.

Music outside,

Noise inside.

Fully filled up,

But eerily empty.

Forcing forward,

Still stuck in reverse.

Rising up high,

But gravity pulls down.

Trying to smile,

But forging a frown.

Dreaming out tomorrow,

Leaving out the sorrow.

Joy is far behind,

Yourself you try to find.

Everything seems clear,

In the end you are but blind.

Treading on.

On this path less known,

Your peace of mind,

You seem to have blown.

Promises are broken here soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What am I searching for?

I’m a lonely road of broken dreams,

Its a boulevard I’m searching for...

These stars are all so dull,

Its the moon I’m searching for...

Happiness is so angry at me,

Its peace I’m searching for...

This crowd surrounds me all the time

But its company I’m searching for

Life is like a winding path,

Its the destination I’m searching for...

Don’t know what it is that I have lost

Maybe its me that I’m searching for.