Sunday, May 26, 2013


What should you do when you've been let down in life. By every single person you trusted. Yet after all the self counselling and all the lessons learnt you unknowingly attach yourself so strongly to someone that you're almost blind. As they say, love is blind. You rant about every sorrow to that one person and you laugh your loudest laughs with that one person. You give all that you have and do all that you can. But then again, one small thing crashes all your beliefs. It just takes a spark to get a fire starting and the seemingly harmless lie/behind-the-back snooping around is not healthy for anyone in the end. Prying where you should'nt have you come across this disturbing piece of reality which makes you irritated and frustrated with yourself. Makes you want to go into a corner and hide and cry and undo all that you have done. Makes you unsure of every decision that you have taken and breaks you into thousands of tiny irrepairable pieces.
And the worst part is, that in the end, you blame yourself. For looking where you shouldnt have. For dropping unannounced. Is that what relationships are about? Is everything a facade? Does all the goodness have to be planned? Does all the love have to be on the surface? Is the world full of futility and fragility? Is there nothing called loyalty and faith? Can no one be trusted? Can no one be loved?