Sunday, March 31, 2013

Its strange.

#Its strange how over time, we get connected to someone so intensely that we forget the boundaries and merge into one. All time is a struggle between their meal-times and mine, their work-hours and mine, their free-time and mine. And yet in the midst of all this comes the dilemma of finding the me-time and the we-time, both of which are equally crucial.

#Its so strange how the nascent stages of any growing friendship/relationship makes one forget the not-so-important things and during the later stages these things and the oft ignored self are given utmost importance. Comparisons are made with the point of view of compromises. Priorities dwindle and an attempt is made to reinstate the initial balance. But little do we realise, that the damage has been done. Live with it or live without it. But first, Learn to live within.

#Its strange how opinions change and mindsets change. And how people change. When the goals and the expectations change. Then, its not just the person inside you that has changed, but the people around you have to be changed too. As they say, if you can't change them, change them. Each human is unique, and so is the power and direction of progression of the heart and brain. It is when one finds another who is compatible with this rate and direction of change is maybe when a soulmate has been found.