Saturday, September 24, 2011


Darkness rolls on,

Never showing itself move...

Thoughts flow upon,

Not knowing what to prove.

Like a pile of muddled of mess,

Like the garbage from recess,

I wish I could be freed...

Like a damsel in distress.

And so it came to be,

This isolation that I am,

I can only look to me...

To find the way it all began.

This confusion, constant hunger,

For something more than this...

I search the being I envision,

And yet I seem to miss..

Could it be that I am empty?

Or maybe a little lost?

Could it be that I am lonely?

Or don’t know what it would cost?

This never ending ‘Something’

That is living deep inside,

Depicts the illusion of myself...

And all I have to hide.